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Eden Mods LTD. was founded by two regular guys who wanted a bit more from their vaping.  Having made the journey, that many others have, from cig-a-likes all the way to high end gear, something was always lacking from the experience.  Great vapor but leaky design, great design but poor flavour, leak free device but poor performance - there was always something that didnít quite sit right with us.
So through the vapor cloud, Andy and Lee met and a new breed of vaping company was born.  A company that doesnít sacrifice quality to maximise profits, a company that prides itself on function over form - whilst maintaining a striking range of products and most importantly, Eden Mods is a company that listens to what the people want - then delivers.
We take pride in sourcing every part where possible from the UK, from the machined parts and engraving, right down to screws and o-rings and is the flagstone of our ethos.

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